Reunion Planning Advice

Wrap Up and Evaluate

March 12, 2016

Even after the family reunion is over, there are still many tasks for reunion organizers- to consider. These might include evaluation forms, thank you notes, returning borrowed equipment and paying bills. [...]

Better Meal Planning for Family Reunion

March 12, 2016

Food is a focal point and memorable feature of all reunions. Meals range from potluck picnics to formal banquets, and each one requires careful planning whether the organizer [...]

Planning Reunion Activities

March 12, 2016

These are reunion activities to plan ahead and organize for reunion day. If yours is a large reunion or you have many activities planned and if your reunion will last several [...]

How to Conduct a Hotel Site Inspection

March 16, 2015

When you’ve narrowed your list of locations to those that meet your physical requirements for sleeping rooms and meeting space, it’s time to take a site inspection. This [...]
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